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Music programme

Each candidate will have to perform:
  • two Caprices by Niccolò Paganini of their choice (Urtext edition - G. Henle);
  • the first movement of a Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Concerto of their choice.
  1. Johann Sebastian Bach: a Sonata or a Partita, to be performed without the ritornellos (Urtext edition - G. Henle).
  2. Three Caprices by Niccolò Paganini (Urtext edition - G. Henle) extemporaneously drawn at random by the international jury from the six presented by the candidate. The two presented by the competitor for the pre-selection test cannot be included in these six.
  3. First ever performance piece commissioned by the competition.

The competitor must perform a concert programme lasting no more than 75 minutes, including:

  1. a Sonata written since 1781;
  2. a twentieth-century Sonata;
  3. a composition by Paganini, among:
    • Variations on “Di tanti palpiti” M.S. 77 (Peters or Ricordi edition);
    • Variations on “Mosè” M.S. 23 (“Sonata a preghiera”) (Schott edition, with the G tuned to B flat);
    • Variations on “Non più mesta” M.S. 22 (Ricordi edition);
    • Variations on “Le streghe” M.S. 19 (Peters edition);
    • Variations on the English anthem “God save the King” M.S. 56 (Lemoine edition);
    • Variations on “Nel cor più non mi sento” M.S. 44 (IMC edition);
  4. a virtuoso composition for violin and piano or for solo violin.

The final round will take place in two successive stages, A and B, in which there will be a maximum of six candidates for stage A (selected at the end of the semifinal round) and a maximum of three candidates for stage B (selected at the end of the final stage A). Both stages of the final round will be accompanied by the orchestra of the “Carlo Felice” Theatre in Genoa.

  • STAGE A)

A Concerto by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart that each of the six admitted candidates must perform with the orchestra, without a conductor.

  • STAGE B)

Each of the three admitted candidates will perform, with conductor:

  1. a Concerto by Niccolò Paganini
  2. a Concerto chosen from:
    • B. Bartok (no. 2, Sz. 112);
    • L. van Beethoven (op. 61);
    • J. Brahms (op. 77);
    • M. Bruch (n. 1 op. 26 or “Scottish Fantasy” op. 46);
    • P. I. Tchaikovsky (op. 35);
    • A. Dvořák (op. 53);
    • E. Lalo (“Spanish Symphony” op. 21);
    • F. Mendelssohn (op. 64);
    • S. Prokofiev (no. 1 op. 19 or no. 2 op. 63);
    • J. Sibelius (op. 47);
    • H. Wieniawski (no. 2 op. 22).

The entire competition programme must be performed by the competitor from memory, with the exception, where deemed necessary, of the two Sonatas required in the semifinal round and of the first ever performance piece commissioned by the competition.