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General Secretary

Dr Piera Castagnacci 

Piera Castagnacci coordinator in the Field of Territory Development and is the Director of Cultural Activity and Marketing for the Council of Genoa. A long and articulated activity in the field of management and admin economy with various qualifications, after obtaining a Degree in Economy and two Masters in Business Administration, with significant experience in management in private and public roles of high order, expressed in the Public Corporation in Liguria.

The direction of Foreign Finance at Ansaldo S.P.A. which was associated to an experience with the Morgan Grenfell Group P.L.C. London and also work experience with the Foreign Offices of Ansaldo. Also taking on Public Relations with Regional Board of Liguria and following on to directing Social Services on the Council of Chiavari. An important, profound and significant experience was matured in the Health field as Admin. of the National Institute for Cancer Research.

Then began many years of professional experience with the council of Genoa, first as leader of General Affairs and Office acquisition and Society and the East Central, Director of Politics of Revenue and Taxes, strategic Direction of Informative systems of the corporation, that precedes the actual role dedicated to the development of the territory and cultural marketing of the City of Genova. .