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Winners have been announced

The 22-years-old german violinist Simon Zhu was crowned the first prize  "Premio Paganini". He will be invited to perform at a list of 70 concerts at world-renowned institutions beginning with Teatro alla Scala in Milan.

2° Prize - Jingzhi Zhang 

3° Prize - Qingzhu Weng 

4° Prize - Hawijch Elders

5° Prize - Koshiro Takeuchi

6° Prize - Haram Kim


Prize in memory of Maestro Mario Ruminelli provided by the “Mario Ruminelli Cultural Association” of Domodossola to the competitor who obtains the highest recognition from the public in the final: Jingzhi Zhang 

Prize in memory of Dr. Enrico Costa offered by the Costa family to the youngest competitor admitted to the final: Koshiro Takeuchi

Prize of the Associazione “Amici di Paganini” for the best performance of the contemporary piece in the elimination stage: Koshiro Takeuchi

Prize of the Pallavicino Foundation for the best performance of Niccolò Paganini’s concerto for Violin and Orchestra: Simon Zhu