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Rome, Mayor Bucci consigns the title to the new Paganini Ambassadors

Among the nominated, Prince Domenico Antonio Pallavicino

The relaunching operation of the “Premio Paganini” continues with the entrance of further Paganini Ambassadors, important international personalities which work to promote the “Premio” and the universal values of music, in Italy and abroad.

“It is an honour to nominate the new Paganini Ambassador. The entrance of new high level personalities again confirms the quality of the relaunching project of the “Premio Paganini” that was set up one year ago. A prize that today doesn’t only represent a very high level musical competition, but a strategic asset for the development of our territory from a cultural, social and economic point of view. We are sure that the new Paganini Ambassadors will work very hard to spread the value of classical music in Italy and over the world” declares Mayor Marco Bucci.

An event tied to the “Premio Paganini” in Rome represents something absolutely new and certainly significative. After the  stopovers in Genoa and Paris it will be an ulterior occasion to promote the new relaunching programme, such as the Public Notice of the 57th edition, to a national and international audience, in line with the assigned objectives” comments the president Giovanni Panebianco.

The nomination ceremony took place at 19.00 on Tuesday 31st January, in the prestigious surroundings of Palazzo Orsini.

After the greetings from Mayor Marco Bucci, and of the president of “Premio Paganini” Giovanni Panebianco and of Princess Martine Orsini, member of the Committee of the “Premio”, the title of “Paganini Ambassador” will be conferred to Prince Domenico Pallavicino and will be also received by Prince Aimone di Savoia-Aosta, Gianni Letta, Maria  Cristina Piaggio Croce, Nuria Sanz-Gallego and Sylvain Bellenger.

Following, the concert by Giuseppe Gibboni, winner of the 56th edition, who performs  some pieces of the Genoese violinist Caprice op. 1 n. 1, 5 and 24 and, accompanied on the piano by Ermindo Polidori Luciani, La Campanella.

Here are the actual “Paganini Ambassadors”:

Principe Aimone di Savoia-Aosta, Principe Domenico Antonio Pallavicino, Principe Amyn Aga Khan, Renzo Piano, Gianni Letta, Emanuela D’Alessandro, Giovanni Malagò, Sylvain Bellenger, Enrico De Barbieri, Maria Cristina Piaggio Croce, Marchese Giacomo Cattaneo-Adorno, Marchese Jos Bendinelli Negrone Pareto-Spinola, Nuria Sanz-Gallego, Caterina Fasolini, Niccolò Paganini, Yusinori Gunji, Ermindo Polidori Luciani.

Recently the “Premio Paganini” is also represented by Prince Alberto di Monaco, who will receive an honorary title in the course of the foreseen ceremony in next June.