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Premio Paganini celebrates 70 years

Genoa, 11 May 2023

On the day that the international competition named in honor of Niccolò Paganini celebrates its’ 70th year, we extend our gratitude to all those who have contributed to making this historical music prize one of the most celebrated and prestigious events of its kind in Italy and in the world.

A special tribute to the major figures associated with the Premio Paganini, to its administrators, beginning with Vittorio Pertusio, and to intellectuals, who with foresight and intuition, believed in the idea of creating a musical competition to discover new young talent, enriching the city of Genoa in the process. We honor all the winners of the competition, its’ artistic directors, its’ Presidents, and jury members.

We also thank the faithful audiences in Genoa, as well as those who have worked in various capacities behind the scenes, contributing to the illustrious history of this institution that we have dedicated our efforts to reinvigorate, while conserving its traditions.

This is the purpose of our ambitious project for the city of Genoa, for music, and for young people. We are committed, above all, to those virtuoso violinists, who elicit truly unique emotions and, through Paganini, reveal the eternal beauty of classical music.

In this spirit, expressing once again our most sincere thanks, we invite everyone to Genoa from October 16 – 27, so that we can experience together the extraordinary 57th edition of the Premio Paganini.

 Viva il Premio Paganini, Viva Genova!

Marco Bucci

Sindaco di Genova

Giovanni Panebianco

Presidente del Premio Paganini