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Julia Krasko

The Premio Paganini was my first international competition. I chose this competition not only because it is one of the most prestigious violin Competition in the world, but also because I wanted to play in Italy - motherland of the great Paganini. I could only dream about what had happened in my life. The first prize of the Paganini lead me the way to the future and the possibility to play on a big stage. I had tours all over the world and everywhere I told people with pride about the beautiful city of Genoa and the Teatro Carlo Felice, where I played Paganini's violin. I remember the magnificent sound of the Guarneri del Gesù as if it were yesterday. Since then I have never again taken part in an international violin competition. I want this competition to be the only one in my life. During my 8-year career I had many tours over Europe, performed in the Carnegie Hall of New York (USA), visited many exotic countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa, but every year I come to Italy with admiration, not only for my career, but because I love this country.