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Giovanni Angeleri

A native of Padua, he has dedicated himself to the study of early music with period instruments since childhood.

The only Italian to win the Zagreb Huml in the 45 years of the competition. Appointed Distinguished Professor by the China Conservatory in Beijing, a jury member in prestigious competitions in Europe, Asia and America, he has played the greatest masterpieces of the repertoire as Soloist and Conductor on five continents.


I had already decided it was the last time I was taking part in a contest and just the Paganini gave me the greatest satisfaction in my career as a contest competitor. I was already studying on my own, feeling no more as a "student", but as an artist who, however, had to be judged according to the principles of the traditional and most famous violin schools. When I won the First Prize in Genoa, all my uncertainties disappeared and I felt my child's dream had come true. I am thus grateful to the Premio Paganini mainly because it frred me from playing only aiming at communicating my emotions and my feelings to the audience.