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La Pagina e l'Archetto (2001-2004)

"Pagina e l'Archetto" was a publication of the Municipality of Genoa. Born within the exhibition is a guide to Paganini's discover, it ws a sort of "Paganini's compass" and took place between 2001 and 2004. Among all the publications dedicated to the great Genoese violinist, the reader will finally dispose of something more than just reading suggestions. He will be able to easily find all the works, quoted in the catalogue, in the Genoese libraries, that thus become an easy to consult and open place to all readers.

All downloadable files are in Italian

n.1 year 2001

Danilo Bonanno, Calogero Farinella, Emanuela Ferro, Daria Foschini, Massimiliano Ghillino, Orietta Leone, Laura Malfatto, Reading suggestions on Paganini of the Genoese Libraries' collections

n.2 year 2002

Anna Maria Bellettini, The Berri's Legacy and the library of the "Civico Istituto di Studi Paganiniani"

The Catalogue of the Berri's Legacy is due recognition for the years of study and research that Pietro Berri dedicated to the figure of Niccolò Paganini.

The publication of this catalogue finds its place in the Paganiniana thanks to the Berri's heirs and to the tenacity of Alma Brughera Capaldo, Maria Rosa Moretti and Anna Bellettini.
The catalogue's main aim is to offer help to music lovers and researchers who are interested in discovering the lesser-known aspects of Paganini's life and career.
But, most of all, it represents an important step in the studies dedicated to the Genoese composer.

By granting the library ownership of this catalogue of such detailed information, the resource is being made available for future researchers of a heritage that, after more than twenty years, is still relatively unknown even among experts.

This publication comes a year after the first volume "La pagina e l'archetto", a series that includes an educational and scientific in-depth study of the cultural events that fall within the framework of the Paganiniana.

n.3 year 2003

Philippe Borer, An historical-technical bibliography of the violin and studies on Niccolò Paganini

Ruggiero Ricci, Letter to young violinists

The 2003 edition of "La Pagina e l'Archetto", among the scientific publications dedicated to Paganini, offers a survey of the bibliographical collection on violin technique and in particular on the studies of Paganini. This bibliographical work is the result of ten years of research by Philippe Borer, who has worked together with the "Civico Istituto di Studi Paganiniani" for several years.

"La Pagina e l'Archetto" includes approximately a thousand publications, complete with a short explanation of their content or a quotation from a key passage. Among the different sections, we would like to point out one dedicated to the "Segreto di Paganini" (Paganini's secret). The debate on certain aspects of the technique of Paganini has given rise to a wide range of specialized articles, studies and collections of exercises, whose primary purpose is to reveal the "secret". The reader finds at his disposal a catalogue containing some documents that constitute, to a certain extent, a particular "literary genre".

Ruggiero Ricci has written a letter expressly for the eyes of young violinists. The rudiments of the violin technique and pedagogy are highlighted according to the experience of the "Maestro".

n.4 year 2004

Maria Rosa Moretti, Anna Sorrento, Paganini sources in Genoa

Letters and documents on the great violinist preserved in three Genoese institutions: the Library of the "Niccolò Paganini" Conservatory of Music, the Historical Archive of the Municipality and the University Library