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RAI Cultura - Special Premio Paganini

The project to relaunch Premio Paganini also passes through the collaboration with RAI, the country's largest cultural agency, which has granted the media partnership of Rai Cultura and Rai Radio 3 and the patronage of Rai Liguria.

With this collaboration, the concessionary company of the Italian public television and radio service expresses its support and recognition of the cultural, artistic and social value of the project.

Rai Cultura, in particular, will follow the Competition through the Cultural Agenda within its web portal on which it is already possible to access the Special dedicated to Premio Paganini (

The public will be able to wander through the past, present and future, finding information, news and in-depth analysis on the 57th edition, but also on the figure of Niccolò Paganini and his link with Genoa.