56th Premio Paganini winner

The Italian Giuseppe Gibboni is the winner of the 56th edition of the International Paganini Prize Competition.

This is the ranking of the six finalists:
- First place: GIUSEPPE GIBBONI (Italy, 05/16/2001);
- Second place: CHUNG NURIE (South Korea, 06/02/2005)
- Third place: ex equo AVA BAHARI (Sweden, 10/11/1996) and LARA BOSCHKLOR (Germany, 01/10/1999)
- Finalists: LOUISA STAPLES (England, 08/03/2000) and OLGA ARTYUGINA (Russia, 22/07/1991)


The following special prizes were awarded

Prize to the memory of Maestro Renato De Barbieri and Mariangiola De Barbieri:GIUSEPPE GIBBONI (Italy, 16/05/2001);

Associazione Amici di Paganini Award: CHUNG NURIE (South Korea, 06/02/2005);

Prize to the memory of Dr. Enrico Costa: CHUNG NURIE (South Korea, 06/02/2005)

Award to the memory of Maestro Ruminelli: GIUSEPPE GIBBONI (Italy, 16/05/2001);

Prize in memory of Mr. Fiorilla: GIUSEPPE GIBBONI (Italy, 16/05/2001).

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