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APRIL, 5th - 14th 2018



Download here the application form

Download here the application form - Mod A

Download here the application form - Mod B


Deadline: July  20st   2017  12.00 am  Italian time
Age limit
Violinists of any nationality are eligible to apply provided that:
-           on July 20st 2017   (deadline for application) they are in their 15th year of age;
-           on April 14th  2018 (last day of final stages)  they will  still  be under 31 years of age;
-           they meet all regulations requirements.

Online registration mandatory:
Please visit the official website at:  and fill in and submit the registration form within and no later than July 20st  12.00 am Italian time

Documents to be provided upon registration 
Form A;
Short Curriculum Vitae /Bio Sketch  - fill in ( FORM. B)  available on line  at
Copy of passport or ID card;
Two recent colour photos, photos shall be free from any copyright.
Receipt of payment for the registration fee of € 80,00, to be paid by bank  transfer. The following reason for payment shall be included: “55° edizione Concorso Internazionale di Violino Premio Paganini”. The registration fee shall be net of any bank fee, both from the ordering and receiving bank.
The bank  transfer shall be addressed to:
CONTO CORRENTE N.  000100880807
ABI 02008–CAB 01459–CINT
IBAN IT 08 T 02008 01459000100880807
P.I. e C.F. 00856930102
The registration  fee cannot be reimbursed for any reason, including the candidate’s exclusion or his withdrawal.
Those candidates who after registration no longer wish to participate in the competition ,are required to notify the secretariat of the competition in writing.
During the final stages competitors shall be free from any professional engagement.
Any document not written in Italian, English or French shall be provided with the related translation in one of such languages.
 Registered candidates who in the past year won the First, the Second or the Third Prize at any violin competition affiliated to the World Federation of International Music Competitions of Geneva, are automatically admitted. Should this be the case, candidates shall provide written proof of it.
However  candidates beyond  the stated age limit will not be admitted.
Documents attached to the registration form will not be returned.
Incomplete applications will not be accepted, unless the candidate provides missing details and documentation before the deadline.
Candidates’ applications will be examined by a duly appointed Examination Commission chaired by its Secretary General.
The application to the competition implies the full acceptance of all provisions stated under the  “Regolamento del concorso internazionale di violino Premio Paganini approvato con deliberazione C.C. 35/2012”, as well as the decisions taken by the Examination Commission, the Jury, the Committee and the Artistic Director, which are irrevocable, upon pain of disqualification. In case of claim or objection reference shall be made to the Italian original text only.


Pre-Selection Stage

 The list of candidates admitted to the Pre-Selection Stage will be posted on the website within and no later than July 28th, 2017.
Admitted candidates shall take part in a Pre-Selection Stage to be held between August and October 2017  based on the following calendar:

Moscow August 30th-31st
New York September 13th – 14th
Vienna September 27th – 28th
Gouangzhou (Cina) October 11th – 12th
Genoa October 24st– 25nd

NOTICE – Above dates are still purely indicative.
The final dates of the Pre-Selection Stage will be posted on the website,
Candidates shall indicate in their registration form the venue in which they plan to perform the Pre-Selection Stage.
Admitted candidates shall appear at  the official Roll-Call and present a valid ID card or passport.
The order of performance will follow the alphabetical order, starting from the letter drawn by the Examination Commission, after it has duly checked all applications.
The candidates’ performance will be subject to the judgement of a duly appointed Examination Commission.
Candidates who fail to attend the official Roll-Call will not be admitted. Exceptions to the rule are subject to the judgement of the Examination Commission only in case of certified force-majeure and will be communicated to the involved candidate directly.
The order of appearance for the Preliminary, Semi-Final and Final Stages will follow the alphabetical order, starting from the alphabetical letter drawn, upon conclusion of the Pre-Selection Stage,
The list of admitted candidates as well as the alphabetical letter drawn to establish the order of appearance for the whole competition will be posted on the official website: no later than 30/10/2017
Candidates admitted to the Preliminary Stage will be notified via email, to the email address each of them has previously indicated in the application form. Such a notification will also include the indication of the alphabetical letter drawn to establish the order of appearance as well as the score of the original music piece expressly composed for the contest.


Official Roll-Call

 Candidates admitted to the Preliminary Stage shall attend in person the official Roll-Call to be held on 05/04/2018 -  09.00 am in  Palazzo Tursi (Genoa's City Hall.) Via Garibaldi 9, and  shall present a valid ID card or passport.
The order of performance, based on the alphabetical order starting from the letter drawn upon the conclusion of the Pre-Selection Stage, shall be valid for the Preliminary, the Semi-Final and the Final Stages of the competition.
Candidates who fail to attend the official Roll-Call will not be admitted. Exceptions to the rule are subject to the judgement of the Examination Commission only in case of certified force-majeure.


 The competition  will be held from 06/04/2018 till 14/04/2018.
The Preliminary, Semi-final and Final Stages are open to the public.
After the Pre-Selection Stage previously held in Moscow, New York, Vienna, Goangzhou (China)  and Genoa a max. of 32 participants will be admitted to the Preliminary Stage, which is to be held from 06/04/2018 till 07/04/2018, at Palazzo Tursi Genoa’s City Hall Via Garibaldi, 9.
A max. of 16 participants will be admitted to the Semi-final Stage which is to be held from 09/04/2018 till 10/04/2018 at Carlo Felice Theatre.
A max. of 6 participants will be admitted to the Final Stage, which is to be held from 13/04/2018 till 14/04/2018 at Carlo Felice Theatre.
The competition stages, the award ceremony, as well as  any other ancillary event,  will be audio and video recorded,  broadcast on TV, radio, internet live streaming.
Officially appointed piano accompanists will be available free of any charge.
Competitors might be accompanied by their own pianist at their own charge.
All rights (including broadcast, reproduction, photo, audio-video and web) anyhow related to the competition are property of  Comune di Genova; the Municipalityof Genova shall be thus entitled to use and exploit such rights and no compensation shall be anyhow due to any third party.

The Jury will consist of at least seven members of different nationalities, selected among the most renowned professionals in the world’s music sphere, best known for their experience, competence, integrity and impartiality; the majority of them will not be Italian. Jury members’ appointment will be notified after the registration deadline.
Competitors’ relatives  or relatives in law up to 4th degree, cannot be part of the Jury. The Jury’s verdict will be valid with the vote  of five members.
Any Jury member who is teaching or who has privately or publicly taught any participant within the last two years shall declare it and abstain from voting on his pupil’s performances.
Such an abstention shall be duly recorded in the Jury’s minutes. For this purpose, when the Jury is sworn in, each Jury member shall officially declare his personal relationship to the competitors.
The admission of a maximum of sixteen participants to the Semi-final Stage, the selection of a maximum of six candidates to be admitted to the Final Stage and the final classification shall be established by an open majority voting of the Jury, its  decision being final and irrevocable.
The Jury reserves the right to ask competitors to perform only part of a piece as well as to interrupt their performance at any time.
The Jury shall be entitled to interrupt the candidates’ performance at any time, due to any technical or contingent issue independent from the competitors and which might affect their performance.
Should any unexpected circumstance occur during the competition stages and not be expressly foreseen in the Competition Regulations, the President of the Jury shall be entitled to take any decision in agreement with the Paganini Committee. The President’s decision shall be final and irrevocable.
Until they are officially competing, participants are absolutely forbidden to contact any Jury Members.
Upon conclusion of both the Preliminary and the Semi-final Stages the Jury shall express its judgement on each competitor.
Based on the Jury’s verdict, competitors will be ranked and listed as ADMITTED/NON ADMITTED.
For a more complete evaluation of the competitors, Jury members shall also consider the performance of  Preliminary Stages  when judging  the Semi-Finals and the Semi-Final performance when giving the judgment for the Final Stages.
Upon completion of both the Preliminary and the Semi-final Stages, Jury members traditionally meet non-admitted participants to provide them with a feedback on their performance.
Final Stage performances shall be evaluated by each Jury member based on a 1 to 6 score. Competitors shall then be ranked based on their average score. In case of ex-aequo the President’s vote shall count twice. Abstention is not admitted.
The First and the Second Prize are indivisible. To guarantee  the highest quality, the Jury will preliminarily set a minimum score under which the First and the Second Prize shall not be awarded. The Third Prize can be awarded “ex-aequo”. 
Special prizes will also be awarded by the Jury’s open majority vote.


1st Prize  “PREMIO PAGANINI”  € 20.000,00
2nd Prize    € 10.000,00
3rd Prize    €  5.000,00

All finalists that will not be awarded will each receive a sum of 1.500,00 Euro.
Should any competitors boast any result different from the official classification, they will be banned from any future edition of the contest and might be liable to the sanctions of the World Federation of International Music Competitions, Geneva.

Special prizes
Special Prizes are sponsored by entities and associations independent from the Municipality of Genoa, based on their own regulations and assignation criteria.
- € 5.000,00 Prize in memory of Mr Stefano Fiorilla
Sponsored by the his wife, Giovanna Barone Fiorilla,   for the best interpretation of Paganini’s Capricci during the Semi-final Stage. 

- € 3.000,00 Prize in memory of Dr. Enrico Costa
Sponsored by the Costa Family for the youngest finalist    
- € 2.000,00 Prize "Associazione Amici di Paganini"
 Sponsored by the Association for the best Italian competitor
- € 1.600,00 Prize in memory of Maestro Mario Ruminelli
Sponsored by the Ruminelli Family for the performance most appreciated by the audience during the Final Stage.
- € 1.500,00 Prize “Associazione Culturale Musica con le Ali” for the best interpretation of The Contemporary Original piece; 
- € 1.000,00 Prize in memory of Renato and Mariangiola De Barbieri
Sponsored by “Associazione Renato e Mariangiola De Barbieri” for the finalist’s  best performance of the Paganini’s Concert.


Starting from the date before the official Roll-Call, and until they are part of the competition, all competitors will be accommodated free of charge at the hotel selected by the Organizing Secretariat and will receive daily meal vouchers. All registered candidates will receive a hotel accommodation form to duly finalize their bookings. 
Any accompanying person, including pianists, shall be accommodated at their own charge.
Admitted competitors and their piano accompanists, if any, who might require an invitation for Visa purposes shall request it in the registration form. (Form  A)
The Organizing Secretariat will then send them the invitation letter as requested. All arrangements and costs shall be handled by competitors directly.
The Organizing Secretariat shall in any way not be liable in case the visa is not obtained.
Travel expenses are also at the competitors’ full charge.

The Winner of Premio Paganini:
 - will be invited to hold a concert in Genoa on the occasion of which he will play the "Cannone", the famous Guarneri del Gesù (1743), Niccolò Paganini’s violin  that he left to his native city

- will also be invited to hold  a concert at the following  musical institutions  or at the following  festivals :

Fondazione Teatro Carlo Felice Philharmonia Zurich
Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino
DNSO Copenhagen
GOG - Giovine Orchestra Genovese
Musikverein für Kärnten, Klagenfurt, Austria
Phiharmonie Baden-Baden, Germany
Dresdner Musikfestspiel
Moreover, these other institutions  declaired their avalability to  offer one or more concerts to the winner of the 55° Concorso Internazionale di Violino. Premio Paganini and to support the competition:
Associazione Anna Jervolino - Caserta;
Società del Quartetto di Bergamo;
Amici della Musica Arcangelo Speranza - Taranto;
Fondazione Gioventù Musicale d’Italia - Milano;
Associazione Amici di Paganini - Genova,
Music industry and agency executives  as well as  representatives of  music bodies and associations,  will be invited to the Final Stages as observers.


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