1st Prize “PREMIO PAGANINI”    € 20.000,00 (indivisible) consisting of:

  • 15.000,00  euro  * Prize sponsored by Fondazione Bracco, its mission being the support young talents for the promotion of culture, art and science.
  • 5.000,00 euro  Prize in memory of Stefano Fiorilla sponsored by his spouse, Giovanna Barone Fiorilla

2nd Prize                 € 10.000,00 (indivisible) sponsored by Fondazione Bracco *

3rd Prize                  €   5.000,00
The 4th, 5th and 6th finalists will be awarded with a € 1.500,00 Prize each.
Should one of the major prizes not be assigned, the Jury shall be entitled to award the other competitors with a € 1.500,00 Prize each.
Should any competitors boast any result different from the official classification, they will be banned from any future edition of the contest and might be liable to the sanctions of the World Federation of International Music Competitions, Geneva.

Special prizes

Special Prizes are sponsored by bodies and associations independently from the Municipality of Genoa, based on their own regulations and assignation criteria.
€ 3.000,00 Prize in memory of Dr. Enrico Costa
Sponsored by the Costa Family for the youngest finalist.
€ 3.000,00 Prize in memory of Renato and Mariangiola De Barbieri
Sponsored by “Associazione Renato e Mariangiola De Barbieri” for the best interpretation of Paganini’s Capricci during the Semifinal Stage. 
€ 2.000,00 Prize ‘Associazione Amici di Paganini’;
for the best Italian competitor.
€ 1.600,00 Prize in memory of Maestro Mario Ruminelli
Sponsored by the Ruminelli Family for the performance most appreciated by the audience during the Final Stage.
€ 1.000,00 Prize “Associazione Amici del Carlo Felice e del Conservatorio N. Paganini”
for the semifinalist’s best performance of the contemporay original piece.


Starting from the date before the official Roll-Call, and until they are part of the competition, all competitors will be accommodated free of charge at the hotel selected by the Organizing Secretariat and will receive daily meal vouchers. All registered candidates will receive a hotel accommodation form to duly finalize their bookings. 
Any accompanying person, including pianists, shall be accommodated at their own charge.
Admitted competitors and their piano accompanists, if any, who might require an invitation for Visa purposes shall request it in the registration form.
The Organizing Secretariat will then send them the invitation letter as requested. All arrangements and costs shall be handled by competitors directly. The Organizing Secretariat shall in any way not be liable in case the visa is not obtained. Travel expenses are also at the competitors’ full charge.


Observers from music and art centres, bodies and associations, music-industry executives and agencies will be invited to the Final Stages.
The Winner of Premio Paganini:

- will be invited for a concert in Genoa on the occasion of which he will play the "Cannone", the famous Guarneri del Gesù (1743), belonged to Niccolò Paganini that the violinist left to his native city;
- will also be invited to play in concert at:
Fondazione Teatro Carlo Felice, season 2015/2016
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra - Amsterdam, season 2015/2016
Philharmonia Zurich – season 2015/2016 or 2016/2017
Musikverein für Kärnten, Klagenfurt, Austria - season 2016
Danish National Orchestra, Copenhagen – season 2015/2016
DNSO, Copenhagen - season 2015/2016, conductor: Fabio Luisi
Brucknerhaus Linz, Austria - season 2015/2016 or 2016/2017
Phiharmonie Baden-Baden, Germany – season 2015/2016
Tonhalle Düsseldorf, Germany with the Düsseldorfer Symphoniker Orchestra – season 2015/2016
Konzerthaus, Vienna with the Wiener Symphoniker Orchestra – season 2016/2017; conductor: Fabio Luisi
Concertgebouw Amsterdam – Young Solists Festival
Dresdner Musikfestspiel – Festival 2016
GOG - Giovine Orchestra Genovese – season 2015/2016.
- will be offered 1 year contract by "Caecilia" Geneva – Agence de concerts et spectacles
Moreover, art centres, bodies and associations such as:
Associazione Anna Jervolino - Caserta; Società del Quartetto di Bergamo; Amici della Musica Arcangelo Speranza - Taranto; Fondazione Gioventù Musicale d’Italia - Milan; Comune di Cervo – Festival Internazionale di Musica da Camera;  Associazione Amici di Paganini - Genoa, Filarmonica della Scala
are available to offer one or more concerts to the winner of the 54° Concorso Internazionale di Violino. Premio Paganini and to support the competition.

Main Sponsor Sponsor Istituzionali Comune di Genova Sponsor Supporter