From  28th  February 8th  March 8  the "Superba" is hosting the prestigious event that has graduated artists like Salvatore Accardo and Leonidas Kavakos

In 2015, the 54th International Violin Competition  Premio Paganini was held from  28 February to 8  March. 101 candidates, from all over the world, were admitted to the pre-selection stages. Many artists came from the Far East: 22 Japanese, 8 South Koreans and 14 Chinese. Also America,  Asia and Europe were represented  with  musician from US(14),  Italy (8) and Russia (7), as well as other nations including  Brazil and Kazakhstan. More statistics: out of 101  60% of the competitors were  male and 40%  female.

After the four pre-selection events that took place in Genoa (8 and 9 October), New York (12 and 13 October), Vienna (16 and 17 October) and Tokyo (18 November) , 31 musicians were admitted to the preliminary stages; among these no Italians (there were eight at the starting line, but no one  was able to pass).

The preliminary stages were held in the Ceremonial Room of Palazzo Tursi. Upon conclusion 16 semifinalists were chosen out of the 30 participants (one of the admitted competitors had withdrawn).
At the Teatro Carlo Felice of Genoa, on 3 and 4 March the semi finalists played in front of a very attentive audience of experts and enthusiasts. The six selected  finalists, three women and three men coming from Latvia, Germany, Japan, Russia, United States and South Korea, performed in the final stage at the Teatro Carlo Felice on 7 and 8 March.
Throughout the whole competition the finalists Medjaniks Dainis, Menzel Albrecht, Mohri Fumika, Pasko Diana, Suh Elly, Yang In Mo, have played music by N. Paganini, L. van Beethoven, J. Brahms, PI Tchaikovsky, J. Sibelius and a piece for solo violin (lasting about  5 ')  specifically written for the contest by composer Ivan Fedele.

The overall preparation level of the finalists confirmed the absolute prestige of the "Premio Paganini", unique in the international music scene. At the end of the six performances, all of them vibrant, passionate and high quality, the jury, chaired by Fabio Luisi, awarded  the first prize to South Korean Yang In Mo, class 1995. Mohri Fumika won the second prize and  Menzel Albrecht the third. The 4th place went to Pasko Diana, the 5th to Suh Elly, the  6th  to  Medjaniks Dainis.

Yang In Mo, South Korea, was the overall winner of the 2015 edition; in addition to the First Prize he was awarded also the following:
- prize for the best semi final performance of the contemporary music piece offered by the Friends of Carlo Felice and Paganini Conservatory Association.

- prize for the youngest finalist offered in memory of  E. Costa by the Costa family.prize for the finalist achieving greater public favour offered in memory of  M° Ruminelli by his family.

The prize for best semi-final interpretation of  Paganini’s Capricci, offered by the Cultural and Beneficial M. and R. De Barbieri Association, went to Tan Yabing from China.

Over 2,500 people attended the final stages on 7 and 8 March; 53 countries in 5 continents were connected via streaming  with over 8200 contacts. The Orchestra of the Fondazione Teatro Carlo Felice was directed by Chen Yi-Lin.

It was hard for the Jury to award the prizes, in consideration of the high quality level of the  executions The international approach  which provides that the  pre-selection stages take place in four different countries and continents,  is also believed responsible for the preparation  level of the competitors.

"The Premio Paganini is one of the cultural excellences of Genoa and the civic administration is relaunching  it with a new formula - said the Town Councilor
for Culture and Tourism of the Municipality of Genoa, Carla Sibilla - The international prestige of this competition is testified  by  the emotion and commitment of young violinists who participate, that see it as an important investment  for their artistic future. And let me point out once again the talent of these young people: their performances are really exciting."

The jury, chaired by Maestro Fabio Luisi, was composed of seven members of international fame, chosen from representatives of music institutions, critics, musicians and experienced  professionals of different  nationalities, widely recognized for their experience, competence, integrity and impartiality. In addition to the conductor Fabio Luisi, the jury  was composed by Heiner Madl (vice president) violinist and violist manager of the  Philharmonic Orchestra Zurich; Enrico Girardi, editor and music critic of  Corriere della Sera; Steve Roger, Artistic Director of the Agency "Caecilia" Geneva; Bartlomiej Niziol, violinist, the concertmaster of  Orchestra Philharmonia Zürich; Pavel Berman, violinist and soloist; Giuseppe Acquaviva, artistic director of the Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa.

Main partner of the 54th Premio Paganini International Violin Competition was  Bracco Foundation in the frame of its project  "Diventerò".
and Le Navi  S.p.A.  supported the event while Iren Acqua Gas and Coop Liguria were the  Institutional Sponsors of the Municipality  of Genoa with a significant contribution in favor of the City Promotion events.

Competitors in  the  2015 edition of Premio Paganini
Yang In Mo – Sud Korea – 26/7/1995
Menzel Albrecht – Germany – 14/1/1992
Mohri Fumika – Japan – 20/4/1994
Lavrov Stepan – Russia – 18/5/1987
Yumi Arata – Japan – 1/2/1992
Medjaniks Dainis – Latvia – 17/7/1993
Fujie Fuki – Japan – 7/12/1990
Pasko Diana – Russia – 29/3/1989
He Ziyu – China – 24/4/1999
Yang Xiaoyu – China – 16/10/1986
Suh Elly – United States – 10/05/89
Smirnov Dmitry – Russia – 26/8/1994
Pushkarenko Oleksandr – Ucraina – 25/12/1989
Lu Tianjie – China – 28/10/1989
Wong Momoko (Momo) – United States – 14/6/1994
Kim Da Min – Sud Korea – 22/2/1990
Hikaru Matsukawa – Japane – 31/1/1992
Yumoto Ami – Japan – 16/11/1988
Wilke Milena – Germany – 2/1/1996
Temnik Daniel – Canada – 30/8/1994
Tan Yabing – China – 8/3/1990
Shibutani Reina – Japan – 3/2/1993
Matsumoto Hiroka – Japan – 27.04.1995
Maiboroda Sergey – Ucraina – 25/7/1991
Lin Haoli – Cina – 24/9/1990
Kim Hyun-Jin – Sud Korea – 2/8/1994
Hsu Luke – United States – 24/7/1990
Dongfang Ouyang – China – 2/11/1990
Ai Tianpei – China – 9/4/1995
Nakamura Daichi – Japan – 28/5/1990



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